What We Do


Whatever your idea is we can translate that with professional photography, Hi-Definition videography or both. Then we can translate that into a beautiful final product with our film and photo editing. Have it forever or use in your advertising.

If you have some interesting ideas that needs capturing – we are glad to work with You!


We can capture a moment, a scene, property or even a product.

Drone Services

We are FAA Licensed Drone Pilots. Now you can get legal aerial footage for your home, business or other drone related needs. Footage is just the begining, we also handle crop management, insurance footage, fire and rescue, windmill inspection and a lot more. Want a drone? We do that to!

Film Services

With extensive video editing experience we can create a film of your property, a commercial for your business or maybe you want video for your website.
Endless Possibilities

Drone Services

Capturing an event from the sky now comes with a lot of regulation. Our licensed pilots can handle all your drone needs for you. Our services are extensive but to name a few:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Video
  • Real Estate- Land & Home
  • Event Filming
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Windmill/Building Inspection
  • Land records
  • Crop Management
  • Web Advertising
  • And a LOT more


Its not just about the equipment we use. Its the eye for the image we capture. There is a work of art sometimes right outside your door. The land, animals and the architecture can all be photographed like you have never seen before.


Video Editing combined with aerial images makes for a great commercial or web ad. Got a property you want to showoff? Your very own movie like video that has so many uses! Contact us today to develop a service for your needs.

If you have some interesting ideas that needs capturing – we are glad to work with You!

Small Business Marketing

We utilize services like @shoplocaliowa  and  @jagerimages on Facebook to help businesses reach new audiences with our videos and photography. Local support has become extremely important so we are doing what we can to push the small businesses in front of the masses. Contact us today to become part of the network and see what we will do for you.